Under the Chateau’s Roof

Co-production with Bunbury Films

Part Renaissance castle, part architectural fantasy; the Chateau Frontenac’s turrets rise above the St Lawrence River like beacons. It is Canada’s defining landmark.

On the occasion of the Chateau’s 120th birthday, the most photographed hotel in the world is about to embark on a monumental renovation job. Our multiplatform documentary project explores the everyday and extraordinary life of the Chateau through time, using the rich archive available.

The film will uncover a wide variety of stories connected to the Chateau – from the roof to the cellars, from the chambermaids to the distinguished guests. Our online project will draw visitors into a rich, interactive experience to discover the many secrets hidden under the icon copper roof. On the ground, visitors will be able to explore the fascinating history of the hotel through an augmented reality mobile app.

The interactive website : Vie de château