Travelling Light

“a testament to our insatiable human desire to chase beauty around every corner”  – The Hour

“Wormser’s captivating film both blurs the distinction between art and life and examines the interplay of escape and attachment.” – The McGill Tribune

Travelling Light: Artists on the Move follows 5 nomadic artists on their quest to live life as an art form.

Let these 5 wandering idealists be your guides. Get lost in a Spanish cemetery. Venture into a wintry Quebec woodland. Step through the doors of a bordello in Rio.

Filmed in 11 countries, Travelling Light is in constant motion – a road-documentary that explores the relationship between creativity and travel. Crossing borders of all types our roaming protagonists take on the world providing tonic insight into contemporary life.


Featuring:    Nathalie Daoust       Christina Hagmann        Lundo Chango       Jimmy Fachetty         László Kuli

genre– Road documentary

Natalie Daoust

length – 90 min, 60 min
festivals – Winner of Gold Award at The American Pixel Academy, Winner of Bronze Remi Award for Feature Doc at 2010 WorldFest – Houston, Winner of Award of Merit for Feature Doc at The Indie Fest
broadcast history BRAVO!, ARTV, Hungarian TV


“…You might feel like quitting your desk job, donating all your worldly possessions and hoping on the next plane, train or automobile to Barcelona or Berlin or Brazil or Japan – or anywhere for that matter – after watching Travelling Light, a new local doc by Tamás Wormser…

Although we hear and see little of the director himself, except for his occasional quiet questioning behind the camera, in a way his film is an intimate yet collaborative process all its own… a testament to our insatiable human desire to chase beauty around every corner…

Dynamic and in constant motion, Wormser’s film intimately explores with each artist their rich relationship between freedom and attachment, creativity and travel”

– Meg Hewings, The Hour

Jimmy Fachetty

“… By probing the lives of individuals who hold living as the highest art form, Wormser’s captivating film both blurs the distinction between art and life and examines the interplay of escape and attachment. From a Brazilian brothel to a traditional Japanese village to the streets of New York City, the film moves seamlessly though space and time, creating the sense of an increasingly postmodern society where the global becomes the local as time zones, oceans and continents are crossed in the blink of an eye.

… The film offers many profound messages, but ultimately begs the question, can we ever truly “travel light”? Even these artists, for whom roaming the world is a means of fulfilling their insatiable urge to experience all that life has to offer, find that freedom is a double-edged sword. To be a free spirit is also to be a prisoner of freedom. The attachments of home and family provide security in a complex world, and to forgo these comforts for a life of wandering and solitude is to travel a path littered with trials and difficulties.

László Kuli

…the artists seem to triumph in the true objective of nomadic life-being here now, and heightening one’s consciousness so as to live entirely in the present moment. This noble striving, the film argues, is an art in itself.”
– Carolyn Gregoir, The McGill Tribune

“…Le documentaire, avec de modestes moyens, nous donne, par les confidences de ces rêveurs pourtant très terriens et par les images puisées aux quatre coins du monde, l’envie de s’en aller (pas de la salle!). Voir ailleurs, voir d’autres visages, d’autres lieux, voir même ailleurs en soi. Avec ses personnages ésotériques et, probablement, gauchistes et écologistes, Travelling Light distille un petit parfum de patchouli et de vieux sac en cuir; un parfum charmant et enivrant, pour autant qu’on ne soit pas devenu complètement cynique ou ravalé par le système. Voici des rebelles doux, de purs pacifistes, des romantiques au sens noble, parfois maladroits au micro mais sincères, un peu fous mais attachants dans leur désir de fuite continuelle et de recommencement perpétuel. Voici de vrais artistes, connus ou pas, et voici de vrais globe-

Christina Hagmann

trotters.”– Aleksi K. Lepage, La Presse


Public Response

“Using the camera like a paintbrush caressing the canvas of life, Tamás Wormser’s film celebrates man’s ability to be creative and keep searching for beauty…” -Paul Cox, filmmaker in Melbourne

“…fascinating and profound, it may be the best depiction of the relationship between artists and their creation that I have ever seen” – Kevin McMahon, filmmaker in Toronto

Lundo Chango

“J’ai vraiment adoré ! Je trouve que le film est à l’image de ses personnages : courageux, authentique, sincère, libre. 
C’est pour moi
un témoignage et une invitation à oser vivre plus grand, plus vrai, à sortir du conformisme confortable et choisir sa propre route, unique, originale, sans cesse nouvelle. Ce film m’a bouleversée et profondément inspirée.”–  Virginie

Director, Camera, Sound, Writer, Producer: Tamás Wormser
Editor: Catherine Legault
Composer: Lundo
Additional Composers: Jérôme Lipszyc and Franck Petrel
Executive Producer: Abbey Neidik
Associate Producer: Thierry Gendron
Sound Editor: Leopoldo Gutierrez
Additional Camera: Alex Chartrand, Tshi, Oz
Production Officer: Marie-Aude Samson
Additional Editor: Thierry Gendron
Online Editor: Sylvain Cossette
Mixer: Bruno Bélanger
Music Mix: Alexandre Ollivier