The Ring

Based on a true legend about king Charlemagne, The Ring is rooted in the magic-realism of European story-telling tradition. Highly theatrical, the film unites striking visuals and mesmerizing music with unique silent acting. It tells the story of an aging king, disillusioned with worldly affairs, who falls under the spell of a magical ring. Like a fairy-tale, it has an eerie, magical quality, emphasized by the unique style of acting, visuals and music. The theatrical quality of the film is created with the non-verbal acting style, the extensive costumes, the expressionistic make-up and the surrealistic set.

Drawn together by the creative vision of director Tamás Wormser, the film is an amalgam of many artistic efforts.
The cast of The Ring, made up of professional and amateur actors, dancers and performers, participated in a series of
innovative acting workshops through which the unique acting style of the film evolved.

genre – Fiction
length – 60min
broadcast history –  Bravo!

“ A Surreal jewellery …a costume art film that can be remotely compared to Guy Maddin.  Wormser’s 50-minute epic based on an actual legend, is certainly ambitious. A sprawling cast populates a bizarre mediaeval world, and Wormser and cast and crew went to great lengths to create an entirely fictional culture.
– Matthew Hayes, Montreal Mirror


Writer, Director, Editor, Producer: Tamás Wormser
Director of Photography: Ivan Gekoff
Art Director: Pierre Lefebvre
Composer, Sound Design: Ganesh Anandan
Ass’t Director and Production Manager: Charles Faubert and Audrez Beuzet
Costumes: Nathalie Paule Dumas
Make-up: Julie Chabot
Hair: Marc Mayrand
Furniture: Tibor Timár
Sound editor: Scott Lutes
Sound Engineer: Dino Giancola


  • King: Gilles Pelletier
    Archbishop: Attila Bertalan
    Queen: Mélanie St-Onge
    Fou: Don Reider
    Dancer: Sheila Ribeiro
    Little girl: Adèle Coté
    Water Fairy: Doris Pók
    Ministers: Julien Bouchard, Adams Cid, Leslie Dixon, Luigi Rantucci, Septimiu Sever,Martin Stone
    Soldiers: Antonio Muggeo, Joseph Muggeo, Jimmy Fachetty, Gilles Martin, Patrick Marziali
    Servants: Marie-Lynda Bilodeau, Isabelle Gingras, Ana Kramar, Alexandra Anolesco, Rachel Robicheaud