The Hat

An old romantic film is shown in a dilapidated cinema. The audience pays no attention to the feature, they are only there to make out. Except for Samuel, he’s watching the movie intently. A train passes on the screen, and its wind blows Samuel’s hat off.

Samuel, with the help of the usher, Jonathan, searches for the hat in vain. So they go behind the screen, where they discover lots of hats, but not Samuel’s.

As they venture further, they end up in the middle of the production of the film that is being screened. The director and the lead actor, Henry’s romantic problems, while the crew hustles around. The custom Designer passes with Samuel’s hat. Samuel follows her, leaving Jonathan behind.

Samuel sneak into the film’s lead actress, Bertha’s dressing room. She tell the custom designer, how she’s sick of her role and wants to quit. She detests Henry, her scripted love interest, and in love with someone else, unattainable.

The Assistant Director calls places and Bertha arrives to the set, where Jonathan is still observing the production. Bertha clings herself onto Jonathan, the fulfillment of her dreams. Henry, wearing the hat, steps up and ready to fight. Samuel enters, demanding his hat back. Pandemonium. The Director arrives and restores some resemblance of order.

Bertha and Henry is to play the final scene of the film, where they reunite at the train-station. The train arrives and its wind knocks Jonathan and Samuel back to the cinema. Henry, wearing the hat, and Bertha embrace, then she looks at Jonathan with tears in her eyes.