Hand to Hand

A baby’s grasp, a dancer’s gesture, an athlete’s grip, a craftsman’s touch: hands shape our world. A sensuous visual odyssey following our ever-moving hands, “Hand to Hand” is a poetic celebration of our quintessential tool. The film focuses on action rather than beliefs, on unity as opposed to separation, observing Humanity as an entity with many hands.

When director Tamás Wormser was asked how he would touch a vast audience from around the world, he did not hesitate: with hands. The fruit of Wormser’s long-time passion for hands, “Hand to Hand” is a cultural and visual odyssey that was made with 66 people and filmed in just three days.

“Hand to Hand”, a sensual and moving portrait of the human hand – and by extension of humanity itself.

festivals – The Cultural Olympiad of 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Winner of  Golden Reel Award at the TIFF in San Francisco, Winner of Platinum Award at The American Pixel Academy, the Jury Prize “BEST FILM OF FESTIVAL” at an Int’l Film Fest in Thessaloniki, Winner of Award of Merit at Best Shorts Competition in California, Nominated at  Hearts and Minds Int’l Film Fest in USA, Cronograf Int’l Documentary Film Fest in Moldova

length – 3 min

Producer, Director: Tamás Wormser

Director of Photography: Patrick Antoniewicz
Editor: Catherine Legault
Composer: Bïa Krieger
Choreography for Credit Sequence: Rae Bowhay
Public Response
‘It gave me an emotional stirring. You can’t help but feel a connection to humanity.’– Sean
‘Real artistry!‘ – Elie.

‘Fantastic work! I love the simplicity, universality and poetry of it all.’ -Ezra

‘Intimiste…’ -Gisèle

‘Congratulations, Very touching.’ – Helene

‘It is unique, expressing a wide variety of feelings and wonderfully done.’ – Clara

‘Wow, nice film, i loved the pictures, well done.’ – Drenpa

‘What a beautiful image, & what a beautiful project. Thank you for doing it.’ – Vicki

‘Beautiful Tamas, beautiful, very inspiring!’ – Cecilia

‘This is a lovely short film, I am totally impressed you could come up with this in three days..!’ -Julie

‘What a multicultural short, so Canadian.’ -Katalin

‘BRAVO BRAVO BRRRRRAVO !’ – Marie-Dominique

‘Woohoooooo!!!!! Beautiful!!! WOW très fière…’ -Stéphane