Faces of the Hand

A NFB production.

There is nothing more intriguing than the hidden meaning behind the most obvious. The human hand is one of those miracles which we completely take for

granted.The work of our hands, in their eloquence, silence, restlessness, creativity and violence, have moulded human history and continue to shape the present and future. “Faces of the Hand” holds up the hand as a mirror to human nature and unveils some of the puzzling secrets which the hand holds locked within itself.

“Faces of the Hand” takes you on a visual journey through different cultures and a range of human experiences, showing the many faces of our hands.

This film is both poetry and anthropology, science and art, sacredand profane; an odyssey from cave art of thirty millennia ago to robot hands controlled by computers.

You can watch it HERE!


“Apart from the educational aspect, Faces of the Hand, original, beautiful, low-key documentary, makes hands very sexy.”  – John Doyle for The Globe and Mail

“An extraordinarily moving work that reveals poetry and wonder in the everyday world.” – Gary Handman, American Libraries

“A fascinating and lyric journey…Of excellent quality, it is suitable for a wide range of ages from grade school through university. It would be particularly relevant in courses on anthropology or communication, and would also serve well in courses on art or history.” – Rebecca S. Graves, MC Journal
“At once informative and poetic, Faces of the Hand is a gorgeous montage of various images of the hand at work.”  – Matthew Hays, Montreal Mirror
genre – Documentary
length – 30min
festivals – Nominated for Best Documentary at Hot Docs, Winner of Gold Apple Award from the National Education Media Network, Nominated for Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton Short Film and Video Fest

Director and Writer: Tamás Wormser
Producer: Kent Martin
Executive Producer: Don Haig
Cinematography: Kent Nason
Editor: Denise Beaudoin
Original Music: Erich Kory
Sentient Cello: Erich Kory
Percussion: Genesh Anandan
Sound: Diane Carrière
Narrator: Susan Glover
Music Editor: Chris Crilly
Foley Artist: Jérôme Decarie