Believe In Me!


Believe in me! is an intimate, moving and rare look at the lives of teenaged dads.

We witness their efforts to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from fulfilling their dream of being good fathers. Puberty and identity crisis, absence of positive role models,lack of support and social networks, financial instability, and hostility from their immediate family are just some of the impediments they are facing. And yet, most of these young menidentify themselves as dads first. Their paternal pride and tenderness is both touching and unexpected in guys whose tough public image protects their vulnerability.

Believe in me! uncovers the courage and perseverance of these invisible dads.



“Groundbreaking… Anybody who wants to actually know about men who become dads in their teens – how they see themselves, the challenges they face, and how they feel about their children – should watch “Believe in me!/Je suis là!”DIY Father, Father’s guide to parenting

genre – Documentary
length – 30min


Director: Tamás Wormser
Producer: Tamás Wormser, Charles Faubert
Editor: Thierry Gendron
Camera: Tamás Wormser
Sound recording: Thierry Gendron
Online editor: Thierry Gendron